This app change Battery Style on the StatusBar and you can choose from 15 styles without rebooting.
Works on Windows and needs .NET Framework 4.0 & Java on your PC.

Download OGBatteryMod and extract files
Run OGBatteryMod.exe
Step 1:
In step 1 there are 3 options
Option 1 : Download & Mod Apps from connected device
________ Reading connected devices
________ Download required files
________ Deodexing
________ Modding
Option 2 : Mod an existing files
________ To mod an existing file on your computer
________ use this option if you can't see your device
________ or if you get Failed to download files
Option 3 : Add & Delete styles
________ To add your styles

Step 2:
Downloading necessary files
___ SystemUI.apk & Settings.apk & Resources & framework files for deodexing

Step 3:
Adding OGBatteryMod
___ Modding, Signing and ZipAlginning (SystemUI.apk & Settings.apk)

Step 4:
In step 4 there are 3 options
Option 1 : Apply changes & restart device (Root)
________ Copy modified SystemUI.apk & Settings.apk to '/system/app'
________ Rebooting your device
Option 2 : Copy new files to '/sdcard/og' (Root)
________ Copy modified SystemUI.apk & Settings.apk to '/sdcard/og'
________ Use this option if you Get (Failed to get ROOT access) and then copy modified files manually OR if you want to copy modified files manually
Option 3 : Create Flashable Zip (No Root)
________ Create 2 flashable Zips (Mod & Backup)
________ Works in Stock Recovery Tested on SGAce2 & SGNote)

After install:
___Click the battery icon 3 times to open OGBatteryMod Settings

___Or Go to Settings >> Display >> Battery Style >> Choose your style

1- Failed to decompiling SystemUI
___ The problem from apktool
___ (Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException: Multiple resources)

2- SystemUI & Settings FC (Force Close) or StatusBar not shown
___ 1- Open up the command prompt
___ 2- Navigate to (folder where you extracted this app)\tools
___ 3- Type ( adb logcat -d > Logcat.txt )
___ 4- Upload Logcat.txt file

3- Failed to get ROOT access
___Copy all files that located on 'sdcard/og' to 'system/app' then reboot


Originally Posted by Luther Blissett

Well this is mighty interesting, I tried enabling charging animations, now the icons in the floating panel are back in their correct positions. But the funny thing is, I disabled the animations again, the icons stayed in place anyway, and even after rebooting they're still where they should be. So whoever has a problem of icon spacing after applying this mod in a Jelly Bean tablet, try switching the charging animations on, you might get lucky too.


___ If you want to back to original files (because SystemUI FC)
___ You can find the original files in :
___ 1- (folder where you extracted this app)\tools
___ 2- sdcard/OG/Backup

Download links in Post 2