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Specific Devices Threads
All general requests for these devices must go into their threads
Keep this thread for dev support and porting to new devices

- Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (jem)
- Kindle Fire HD 7 (tate)

- Asus Transformer Pad TF300T (tf300t)
- Asus Transformer Prime TF700T (tf700t)

- HTC Evo 3D (shooteru) by @johnnyslt
- HTC Desire X (protou)
- HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE (fireball)
- HTC Explorer (pico)
- HTC One GSM (m7ul --> m7)
- HTC One T-Mobile (m7tmo --> m7)
- HTC One AT&T (m7att --> m7)
- HTC One Sprint (m7spr)
- HTC One Verizon (m7vzw)
- HTC One M8 (m8): unified for International, Verizon and Sprint
- HTC One Mini (m4)
- HTC Droid DNA (dlx)
- HTC Desire 601 (zara)
- HTC Desire 601 dual sim (zaradug) by @andreya108
- HTC Desire S (saga) by @Ruling
- HTC Desire HD (ace) by @Ruling
- HTC One S (ville)
- HTC One V (primou)
- HTC One X (endeavoru)
- HTC One X+ (enrc2b)
- HTC One XL (evita)
- HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel)
- HTC Rezound (vigor)

- LGE Nexus 4 (mako)
- LGE Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
- ASUS Nexus 7 (tilapia + grouper)
- ASUS Nexus 7 2013 (flo)
- ASUS Nexus 7 2013 LTE (deb)
- Samsung Nexus 10 (manta)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus - GSM (maguro)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Verizon (toro)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Sprint (toroplus)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus S (crespo)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G (crespo4g)

- LG Optimus One P500 (p500)
- LG Optimus L5 (e610)
- LG Optimus G International (e975)
- LG Optimus G ATT (e970)
- LG Optimus G Sprint (ls970)
- LG Optimus G Canada (e973)
- LG Optimus G Pro GSM (e980)
- LG Spectrum 4G (vs920)
- LG G2 AT&T (d800), TMO (d801), Int (d802), d803, d805, d806, Verizon (vs980), Sprint (ls980)
- LG Nitro HD AT&T (p930)
- LG G Pad 8.3 (v500)
- LG Optimus 4X HD P880 (p880)
- LG Optimus L7 P700 (p700) by @ali.filth

- Motorola Droid RAZR M (xt907)
- Motorola Droid RAZR HD International (xt925) and US (xt926)
- Motorola Unified msm_8960 (xt925/xt926)
- Motorola Atrix HD (mb886)
- Motorola Moto X variants: TMO (xt1053), US Cellular (xt1055), Sprint (xt1056), GSM (xt1058), VZW (xt1060)
- Motorola Moto G unified (falcon) for: Verizon (xt1028), BoostMobile (xt1031), GSM (xt1032), Dual Sim (xt1033), Retail US (xt1034)

- Find 5 (find5)
- Find 7, Find7a (find7)
- N1 (n1)

- Galaxy S2 i9100/P
- Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch - SPH-D710 (d710)
- Galaxy S2 i9100G
- Galaxy R/Z (i9103)
- Galaxy S i9000 (galaxysmtd)
- i9001 - Galaxy S Plus (ariesve)
- Galaxy Grand Duos (i9082)
- Galaxy Exhibit - SGH-T599N (codinamtr)
- Galaxy W i8150 (ancora)
- Galaxy Grand Quatro I8552 (delos3geur) by @ali.filth
- Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket SGH-I727 (skyrocket)
- Galaxy S Blaze 4G - SGH T769 (t769)
- Galaxy S2 HD LTE - SGH-I757M (celoxhd)
- Exhilarate - SGH-I577 (exhilarate)
- N7000
- Galaxy S3 i9300 - i9305
- Galaxy S3 Unified d2 variants (d2lte): d2att d2cri d2mtr d2spr d2tmo d2usc d2vzw
- Galaxy S3 T-Mobile / SGH-T999 (d2tmo)
- Galaxy S3 AT&T (d2att)
- Galaxy S3 Sprint (d2spr)
- Galaxy S3 Verizon (d2vzw)
- Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190 (golden) by @Android-Andi
- Galaxy S Relay 4G - SGH-T699 (apexqtmo)
- Galaxy Express AT&T (expressatt)
- Galaxy S4 Exynos - i9500
- Galaxy S4 Unified Qualcomm variants (jflte): jfltecan jflteatt jfltecri jfltecsp jfltespr jfltetmo jflteusc jfltevzw jgedlte jfltexx jfltezm
- Galaxy S4 - i9505 (jfltexx --> jfltejflte)
- Galaxy S4 - T-Mobile (jfltetmo --> jflte)
- Galaxy S4 - Verizon (jfltevzw --> jflte)
- Galaxy S4 - AT&T (jflteatt --> jflte)
- Galaxy S4 - Sprint (jfltespr --> jflte)
- Galaxy S4 Mini i9190 (serrano3gxx), i9192 (serranodsub) and i9195 (serranoltexx)
- Galaxy S5 International (kltexx --> klte)
- Galaxy S5 Exynos SM-G900H (k3gxx)
- Galaxy Mega i9205 (meliusltexx)
- Galaxy Mega i9200 (melius3gxx)
- Galaxy Premier i9260 (superior)
- Galaxy Note 2 (N7100 - N7102 - N7105 (t0lte)
- Galaxy Note 2 LTE Sprint SPH-L900 (l900)
- Galaxy Note 2 LTE Verizon SCH-I605 (i605)
- Galaxy Note 2 AT&T (t0lteatt)
- Galaxy Note 2 - TMO (t0ltetmo)
- Galaxy Note 3 LTE International - N9005 (hltexx)
- Galaxy Note 3 T-Mobile (hltetmo)
- Galaxy Note 3 Sprint (hltespr)
- Galaxy Note 3 Verizon (hltevzw)
- Galaxy Note 3 Canada (hltecan)
- Galaxy Note 10.1 - N80xx
- Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Wifi (lt03wifi), 3G (lt03wifiue)
- Galaxy Note 8.0 (N51xxx)
- Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (p31xx)
- Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (p51xx)
- Galaxy Tab 3 7.0: SM-T210 WiFi (lt02wifi) - SM-T111 3G (lt023g)
- Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (lt01wifi, lt013g, lt01lte)
- Galaxy Core - GT-I8262 (arubaslim) - by @ali.filth
- Galaxy Mini (tass)
- Galaxy Gio (gio)
- Galaxy Fit (beni)
- Galaxy Ace (cooper)
- Galaxy 5 (galaxy5)
- Galaxy 551 (callisto)
- Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 WiFi SM-T320 (mondrianwifi)

- Xperia Z (yuga)
- Xperia Z1 (honami)
- Xperia Z2 (sirius) - by @DooMLoRD
- Xperia Z Ultra (togari)
- Xperia SP (huashan)
- Xperia T (mint)
- Xperia ZL (odin) - by @shoey63
- Xperia L (taoshan) by @varun.chitre15
- Xperia M (nicki) by @icoolguy1995

ZTE - maintained by @cooldudezach
- Warp Sequent - N861 (warp2)
- Warp 4G (warplte)
- Awe (nex)
- Overture (becky)
- Imperial (apollo)
- Source (hera)
- Iconic Phablet (stormer)
- Radiant (metis)

- Acsend P1 U9200 (viva)

- A56/A57
- A110Q (unofficial repack by @sukarang9)
- A110 @bindassdost
- A177 Canvas Juice

- Cubot One (unofficial repack by @Maximus1a)

- One (bacon) by @acer73 and @katinatez

PhilZ Touch Features: Read POST 2 for instructions to use special functions like aroma and ors support

  • touch interface:
    - toggle between 4 touch modes: FULL TOUCH, DOUBLE TAP to validate, SEMI TOUCH (scroll but no touch validation) and NO TOUCH to only use hardware keys
    - written from scratch full touch code
    - basic scroll kinetics for faster scrolling on demand
    - safe full touch : no wrongly validations while scrolling
    - when you set full touch mode, it defaults to optimized settings for menu height, scroll sensitivity and touch accuracy (you still can alter them manually later)
    - adjust scroll sensitivity in a huge palette
    - adjust menu height in a huge palette
    - adjust touch accuracy
    - 30 color settings for each of the 8 GUI parts + 5 alpha transparency settings
    - user custom background png can be selected in addition to 30 solid colors option
    - show / hide background icon
    - show / hide bottom virtual buttons
    - show/hide + set color and transparency for menu line separators to match solid color themes, like Black...
    - set number of bottom log rows to show
    - pause on logs mode: no more miss logs during zip installs
    - auto dim screen after user configurable delay
    - auto turn off screen after user configurable delay
    - adjust brightness and turn off screen with a gesture action
    - show/hide clock and remaining battery %, even during nandroid operations
    - clock and battery stats now effectively refresh every 5 seconds and during nandroid operations
    - toggle vibrator on/off on touch
    - toggle key repeat for volume up/down scrolling when maintained pressed
    - key repeat also enabled for virtual buttons
    - set time zone + 30mn offset + DST: correct time can now be set for nandroid backup path and clock
    - capture recovery screen shots with a gesture action (only some devices)
    - basic theme support
    - one file to save all settings
    - backup and restore settings file
    - backup and restore only GUI settings
    - reset to default settings option
    - prompt to restore your settings from a backup when they are wiped by a new ROM install
    - option to auto restore your settings from a backup without a prompt
    - all toggles are applied live, without restart of recovery (except reset of stock CWM background image)
    - toggle menu options are automatically right aligned and menu text left aligned based on device display size
    - configurable gesture actions: double tap, slide right/left, long press/lift, long press/move, can be associated with any of: show log, change brightness, blank screen, capture screen shot, launch Aroma File Manager
    Note: after scroll, there is a minimal small delay (0.5 sec) to validate on next touch. This is by design and not a bug. It is there to limit erroneous validation while scrolling
  • true JB 4.2 migration: toggle between /data/media and /data/media/0
  • Secure recovery lock with passkey
  • browse phone with root access using full GUI in Aroma File Manager
  • terminal access from recovery with root access through Aroma File Manager
  • Multi Zip Install menu: check multiple zip files to install in a row
  • Custom Install Zip Mode: set a default folder to start with + browse backward up to the root
  • exFAT, NTFS and Ext4 support in recovery for external storage through kernel modules for many devices for faster write speed
  • TWRP backup and restore support, include full md5 sum support (single and multivolume, compressed and non compressed formats)
  • Advanced statistics during backup operations shown in color: total backup size, backup size progress, backup time, compression ratio...
  • support .android_secure backup/restore from external storage
  • optional reboot after custom backups/restores
  • sd-ext support (ext4)
  • nandroid backups support /preload in backup and restore jobs (custom and stock modes)
  • nandroid backups support /misc in backup and restore jobs (custom mode)
  • devs: 5 extra optional partitions supported in nandroid operations by editing recovery.fstab
  • set special nandroid settings: time zone, toggle md5 check for lightning fast backup and restore, toggle /preload backup and restore, enable nandroid compression using pigz (multi-cpu gzip compression) and choose ors backup target volume
  • recreate md5 sum check for your cwm backups for compatibility with stock CWM if you need to revert
  • cancel nandroid operation with back button
  • create from current ROM or from a pre-existing nandroid backup (based on boot, /system and optionally /preload)
  • nandroid backup path auto-renamed with current ROM id from build.prop (ro.modversion, then ro.romversion, then
  • custom backup and restore job list: backup and restore freely any partition combo (include modem and efs)
  • backup/restore EFS in both tar + img formats, now with time tags for both tar and .img
  • support flash modem.bin image files in addition to custom modem.img files, now support for multiple *.bin versions under dedicated folder
  • during custom restore, you can see the contents of the folder you want to restore from
  • delete custom or TWRP backups from recovery menu
  • full wipe before flashing new ROM: wipe user data + format /system and /preload. SD card content is not affected
  • full support for openrecovery script specifications include all backup and restore options
  • run openrecovery scripts in 2 modes: on start goomanager boot scripts + one touch menu to either directly open a default path or freely browse for scripts
  • define ors backup target volume from within Nandroid Settings menu
  • ors backup/restore in stock clockworkmod or TWRP modes
  • advanced power options menu
  • detailed build info in About menu

Video Teaser:
new update soon...

Main menu and PhilZ Settings

GUI Preferences: all is applied live (no reboot). Up to 14 menu height settings, scroll sensitivity, touch accuracy...

27 color settings + 5 alpha transparency levels for every GUI element

Change background image with a custom png (of your device resolution), a solid color (27 presets) or revert to original cwm image

User configurable touch gestures (feel free to request for new actions)
Setup your time-zone + 30mn offset, super wipe option to install a new ROM

Backup and Restore any partition in a complete freedom, include modem (.img + .bin) and efs (.img + .tar)
Custom backups can also be restored by original CWM Advanced Restore Menu
TWRP Backup and Restore Support + md5 + single/multivolume format
Support multi-cpu compression, md5 check toggle and custom .android_secure path
Choose ors backup volume target

Flash multiple zip files in a raw
Aroma File Manager + Terminal Emulator: launch with a gesture action (double tap is default)

Full Wipe to Install a new ROM (sdcard is preserved)
Free Browse Mode to install zip files: select a default folder to start with and browse up to the root

Enjoy, and do not hesitate to post feedbacks and comments