The build for SII HD LTE E120 K/S/L from me - Based JZO54K.E120KKKJMD2 Jellybean 4.1.2

- Deodexed, zipaligned
- Rooted (included ES Explorer with root in Setting)
- Disabled signature checking
- 160 characters SMS, MMS
- Add some widgets on screens, apps, ...
- Added Tegrak Kernel Build-48 for SHV-E120K (for E120K)
- Gallery from SS S3 phone (new 25/11)
- Added multi languages, see pictures and more (new 25/11)
- Somethings changed on screens
- Added more apps
- Aroma 2.70RC2 installer (you can change Install or Update apps, change Recovery,...)
- Scroll wallpaper, Rotation Laucher (with small bug)
- New Clock-Weather widget with my mod
- Digital numbers clock on LockScreen
- New Carrier info for international operator (need test and feedback - Thank)
- Working everything
- Support E120 K/S/L
10/02/2014 - v3.0 MK1 BASE BAND
- Ripple effect in LockScreen
- Home, ScreenLock, Power in Status bar
- Advanced reboot (4-way)
- 10 Transition Animation effect screen (change from update of the zip rom - recovery) (Thank to Dev Rubik, ...)
- Callrecording button incall (save media files to /sdcard/SecPhoneRecording)
17/02/2014 - v3.1
- Puddle drops Live wallpaper default on Home screen (scrollable picture)
- Multiwindows support
- Flasppy Bird (Ads removed by me)
- Add Zipalign function (Phone wil run smoothess)
- Some mods....
- Fix Update back to Stock. mistake in v3.0
27/02/2014 - v3.2
- ON/OFF sound button camera
- Exit Browser, Desktop view buttons for Browser
- 9999 or 999 or 500 or 300 or 160 character in one SMS (or mod by your own in feature.xml) (change in install or update rom pack)
- Disable SMS to MMS: open message, Menu > Settings > Creation mode > check to Restricted
- Created symlink sdcard_ext for ext sdcard in root, same as sdcard
- moved MultiWindow (will work in the future)

Change CWM first for E120K or E120S or E120L
This line for E120K only: flash CWM (cwm recovery v6.0.3.6 OR cwm touch recovery v6.0.3.5 - i'm using) first via Odin (v1.85 or 3.07)
Step 2: Copy rom to Sdcard (internal or external)
Step 3: Turn OFF phone. Boot to CWM and flash the rom in Sdcard (but full wipe data factory, cache, dalvik-cache first)
Step 4: feedback some bugs - Thanks

27/02/2014 - v3.2 MK1
Link 1: http://adf .ly/e7vI8
Link 2: http://adf .ly/e7vPc
Link 3: http://adf .ly/e8674

17/02/2014 - v3.1 MK1
Link 1 : from you
Link 2:
Link 3:

10/02/2014 - v3.0 MK1
Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:

Link 1: please upload to - Thanksss (sorry, this site is not worked good in my country)
Link 2: (Thank Tarik12)
Link 3:
Link 4:

- Link 1:
- Link 2:
- Link 3:

v2.0 Multi Languages and some Mod:
- Link 1: please upload to - Thanksss (sorry, this site is not worked good in my country)
- Link 2:
- Link 3:

First build:
- Link 1: please upload to - Thanksss (sorry, this site is not worked good in my country)
- Link 2, Link 3

Big thank to: SAMSUNG, Google, Tegrak (kernel), who created CWM for E120K phone, DSIXDA, Amarulz ... users on XDA forum !