-160 characters SMS
-Gallery from s3
-live video thumbnails
-chapter view in video player
-camera 1.5
-s4 s voice
-s4 music player
-ripple lock screen
-svoice lock screen unlock
-4.3 system ui
-s4 settings theme
-Andriod music player
-s4 weather
-s3 s memo
-s4 calculator
-perfect landscape
-page buddy
-voice control

HoW to install
-copy the zip package in sdcard
-restart in recoverymode
-wipe data
-wipe delvic
-format system
-install lemon.zip
-install update su.zip

a simple zip package flash it with cwm.
NOTE: root issue can be resolved by installing update-superuser.zip

Google drive:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bw3hUfAa288GZmlYeUVXNHVLZUE&usp=drive_web